You know the

You know the best feeling in the world? Waking up, looking at the clock, and realizing you can sleep for another hour. I had that this morning, and that last hour of sleep is always the best.

You know what I like best about that hour? First, you fall asleep very quickly because you know you have to, and you always have the weirdest dreams, and you always remember every second.

What I noticed this morning was that dream-time is completely different from real-time. I had to keep waking myself up, because I don't use an alarm and I thought it was time to go. A 10 minute dream seemed to go on forever.

Yesterday I called my landlord to reaffirm that I WILL be moving in on November 10th at the absolute latest. She had the nerve to be pushy about my deposit. "I've told you 2 or 3 times that I need your deposit" she said. "I've been waiting for 4 months to move into my apartment. You'll get the deposit when it's done" is what I replied. I caved though, and will be giving her the deposit today. Damn.

I talked to "Jill" on IM yesterday. She got mad at me again for not replying to my email. Can I do anything right with her? Seriously, I'm not as big a fuck up as she makes me out to be. At least I hope I'm not. That would be pretty sad.

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