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First time at Joe's Crab Shack. Parents are late. SHOCKING.

Fri May 01 16:39:23 +0000 2009

Seeing Polk was great, but I'm feelin' old lately and can't rally/keep up like I used to.

Mon May 04 03:47:52 +0000 2009

Also, it's kind of surreal and also cool to go out drinkin' with my manager from the movie theater who I haven't seen in 10 years or so.

Mon May 04 03:48:30 +0000 2009

I'm not sure I'm a fan of going to these meetings where I have no idea who the person I'm meeting is.

Mon May 04 14:54:59 +0000 2009

Thank god for Hulu and The Stalking Hand for keeping me company as I work into the wee hours of the morning.

Tue May 05 04:25:46 +0000 2009

And of course by 'The Stalking Hand', I mean 'The Crawling Hand', which is a whole different movie all together.

Tue May 05 04:27:40 +0000 2009

Finally done for the night. As a reward, horror movies and beer in my boxers. Life is good again.

Tue May 05 07:44:08 +0000 2009

The new ATM just blew my mind. I think it's from outer space or something.

Tue May 05 20:49:27 +0000 2009

It has been great to see Polk these last few days, but now back to the working world for me.

Wed May 06 02:33:30 +0000 2009

Spur of the moment meeting caught me kind of off guard, but I think it'll be good.

Wed May 06 20:17:23 +0000 2009

I've got so much to do, I don't know where to start.

Thu May 07 15:47:32 +0000 2009

Been an entirely unproductive day, which is only kind of my fault. Ah well, there's always tomorrow.

Sat May 09 03:01:25 +0000 2009

I'd like to see the movie 'Critters vs. Gremlins'. Hollywood, are you listening?

Sat May 09 05:03:59 +0000 2009

Replying to @THErealTWASH

Thanks I guess?

Mon May 11 18:14:07 +0000 2009

I think my little corner of the basement I use for my office is immune to the warming weather. It still feels like winter down here.

Mon May 11 19:01:28 +0000 2009

Just posted some new info on our wedding website ( Go post in our guestbook!

Mon May 11 19:59:06 +0000 2009

Replying to @MyLifeInaCube

Have you started regretting your decision to escape your cube?

Tue May 12 02:06:28 +0000 2009

I am hating Allegiant Air right about now.

Tue May 12 03:02:44 +0000 2009

Replying to @hillarymyers

We're booked Wednesday to Wednesday babe... did I mess that up?

Tue May 12 03:21:46 +0000 2009

The dog came back from the groomer looking like a totally different and weird-looking dog.

Tue May 12 19:02:28 +0000 2009

Fixing my sister's PC after she ignored my pleas to buy a Mac. This will hopefully be my last time troubleshooting Windows, ever.

Wed May 13 02:44:11 +0000 2009

Replying to @Jo87122

I told my sister to enjoy it, because this was the last time it would ever happen. I'm now drinking the pain away.

Wed May 13 04:45:04 +0000 2009

Replying to @offgroundsmedia

don't cheap out, go for the MacBook Pro.

Wed May 13 14:37:44 +0000 2009

Donatin' some blood, savin' some lives.

Wed May 13 14:38:23 +0000 2009

I am feeling very artsy here in my window seat at the coffee shop while it's raining outside.

Wed May 13 16:02:26 +0000 2009

Replying to @coffeeshopchat

Good question, I have no idea. Waterstreet Coffee maybe?

Wed May 13 16:06:05 +0000 2009

The guys fixing the water main outside my house have basically ruined my entire day. I'm writing a letter (but not really).

Thu May 14 21:03:52 +0000 2009

Screw work today. I declare VACATION DAY.

Fri May 15 14:58:04 +0000 2009

Trying to motivate myself to be a productive person again after my totally unproductive day yesterday.

Sat May 16 20:30:23 +0000 2009

Our dog is a racist.

Sat May 16 22:21:47 +0000 2009

Thanks, Netflix, for letting me know there's a sequel to The Blob. BEWARE, THE BLOB!

Sun May 17 02:18:20 +0000 2009

The Star Trek movie kind of makes me want to watch the old series. But not really.

Sun May 17 22:58:35 +0000 2009

I had to add some spam filtering to our wedding website. What a pain in the ass. Who knew porn sites would want to sign our guestbook?

Mon May 18 17:04:23 +0000 2009

By the way, slackers, sign the guestbook!

Mon May 18 17:04:51 +0000 2009

Not every opportunity will work out the way I want it to, I guess. I still have plenty to look forward to in my career and my life.

Mon May 18 20:15:10 +0000 2009

Replying to @kristenfischer

Welcome to my life the past month or 2, hunting down previously good clients for my cash. Very frustrating.

Mon May 18 22:09:37 +0000 2009

I'm ripping all my DVD's to a huge honkin' hard drive to make them easier to watch. This is going to be a huge and thankless project.

Mon May 18 22:13:32 +0000 2009

Replying to @devilpuppet

Sorry man, I just bought 2 1TB hard drives for this little project, so the offer is a bit late.

Mon May 18 22:34:09 +0000 2009

C'mon, me, time to get productive again. And... 1, 2, 3 go.

Wed May 20 18:09:44 +0000 2009

Replying to @kristenfischer

Hey, did anything ever happen with the pool bid guy? I'm waiting for cash from him and he seems to have disappeared.

Wed May 20 19:59:16 +0000 2009

Replying to @chadcparker

Congrats! Being an uncle is awesome!

Wed May 20 21:47:44 +0000 2009

The run tonight destroyed my legs. They're going to feel like crap tomorrow.

Thu May 21 01:49:55 +0000 2009

Replying to @DenverKnox

Wait for the new one, man! You'll hate yourself if you get a replacement phone when the new ones get here.

Thu May 21 03:35:11 +0000 2009

Replying to @offgroundsmedia

PRO, MacBook PRO. With matching iPhone.

Thu May 21 14:24:03 +0000 2009

Behind a fat lady at the grocery store writing a check. Seriously, a check?!

Fri May 22 02:18:35 +0000 2009

Replying to @kristenfischer

I work every weekend. Have you done a FreelanceSwitch article on setting work boundaries I should read?

Fri May 22 17:16:25 +0000 2009

So it's a little after 7:00 and I've done no work yet today, but I'm starting now. Working outside on my porch. My life is awesome.

Sat May 23 00:15:19 +0000 2009


Sat May 23 00:17:25 +0000 2009

It's #followfriday, and I think everyone should follow @radjose for being rad, and @hillarymyers for being radder.

Sat May 23 00:28:12 +0000 2009

Land of the Lost marathon on SciFi! And my day is ruined...

Mon May 25 20:01:03 +0000 2009

Got my blogging contract! Internet fame, here I re-come (once I finish reading the massive 2,000 page document)!

Mon May 25 22:11:08 +0000 2009

I'm trying to hunt down a fax machine I can use for free and I'm coming up short.

Tue May 26 14:35:47 +0000 2009

I went on a long bike ride, but had a tire blow out a few miles from home. Thanks, John, for saving me from a long walk w/ bike on my back.

Tue May 26 20:34:33 +0000 2009

Now there's a nice thunderstorm but I'm too busy to watch a horror movie. Another broken promise.

Tue May 26 20:43:17 +0000 2009

The Pre syncing with iTunes/Mac makes it a very serious "maybe" to pull me away from my glorious iPhone.

Thu May 28 20:00:35 +0000 2009

In other nerdy news, the new MacUpdate bundle is sweet. The legit Parallels is much better than my pirated/outdated version.

Thu May 28 20:01:32 +0000 2009

My day-of-productivity has been shockingly productive. I rearranged my desk a little which makes me want to rearrange my whole office.

Fri May 29 00:48:45 +0000 2009

My Dad added me as a Facebook friend. My mind is blown.

Fri May 29 16:50:21 +0000 2009

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