This is an archive of my twitter from May 2010.

Been slacking all weekend. My punishment: Working at 11 on Sunday.

Mon May 03 03:45:33 +0000 2010

Waiting for domain transfers and DNS updates a huge pain in the ass, especially when also dealing with surly web "designers".

Mon May 03 18:57:23 +0000 2010

It was supposed to be a mostly relaxing day. Then, the server crashed. Suddenly life sucks.

Mon May 03 20:47:50 +0000 2010

Server is back online. I took my downtime to jailbreak my iPhone for the first time in a long time. Thanks Spirit!

Mon May 03 21:30:58 +0000 2010

#LOST spoiler alert: I am so glad Sun died. Man, did I hate her.

Wed May 05 03:20:00 +0000 2010

Replying to @AronT

I said spoiler alert?

Wed May 05 14:35:05 +0000 2010

Our 1-year move to London has been shortened dramatically to just 5 weeks, but we leave June 2. Watch out Europe, here we come!

Sat May 08 04:50:56 +0000 2010

Just bought a crappy netbook for our European trip. I figure I won't care if I lose or break a crappy netbook... breaking my MPB would suck.

Sat May 08 18:04:01 +0000 2010

I can't believe it, but I just sent out my last invoice, wrapping every single active project. It feels weird to have an empty to-do list.

Wed May 12 04:34:57 +0000 2010

Oh, but my new to-do list includes a few posts for various blogs and cleaning, so I'm not out of the woods yet I guess.

Wed May 12 04:35:28 +0000 2010

And while I'm tweeting all fast-and-furious, I think I hated tonight's episode of Lost.

Wed May 12 04:35:52 +0000 2010

I know I'm late to the netbook party, but I gotta say that this was well worth the small amount of cash it cost.

Fri May 14 00:12:16 +0000 2010

Everyone send good vibes to my wife @hillarywasson for her back-to-back job interviews today.

Mon May 17 17:09:29 +0000 2010

Replying to @Freakwolf

I did get hacked, but got it back. Got a spam email from you today, too.

Wed May 19 23:42:25 +0000 2010

Plane tickets to Dublin: Check. Month-long Eurail passes: Check. Comfortable shoes: Check. Sweet backpacks: Check. Now, just a long wait...

Thu May 20 01:34:36 +0000 2010

In celebration of the Lost Finale: Say What?

Sun May 23 21:51:18 +0000 2010

I have been a huge #Lost fan for 6 years. The final episode made me hate the entire series. Thanks assholes!

Mon May 24 03:46:09 +0000 2010

Reading interpretations of the #Lost finale from people smarter than I am. On second thought, maybe it wasn't 100% terrible. Maybe 30%.

Mon May 24 04:21:12 +0000 2010

My top unsolved #Lost mysteries.

Mon May 24 04:59:43 +0000 2010

Installed a 1TB drive in my MacBook Pro and am starting from scratch, software-wise. Haven't done this on about 5 years.

Mon May 24 17:19:10 +0000 2010

Well that took all damn day, but my computer is back up and running just the way I like it, fresh and clean.

Tue May 25 04:51:16 +0000 2010

Replying to @_DavidSilva

I went with the Scorpio Blue WD drive. Highly recommend the upgrade! It's nice to see 750GB free.

Tue May 25 04:53:05 +0000 2010

Replying to @ianfs

I hate the process personally, but I got it figured out. Save for some lost Dreamweaver site definitions, it was a painless process.

Tue May 25 04:53:55 +0000 2010

Replying to @superpixels

Fill one with liquor. Same difference.

Tue May 25 15:34:19 +0000 2010

5 hours of crappy sleep is not good enough for this guy.

Tue May 25 15:35:53 +0000 2010

Replying to @radjose

I know I've texted you, but I'll tweet you a happy birthday too! Later I'll Facebook you happy birthday. Anything but a phone call.

Wed May 26 01:01:17 +0000 2010

In less than a week, I will be on a bus that is taking me to an airport that is taking me to Dublin to start our 6-week European adventure.

Wed May 26 14:58:38 +0000 2010

My new favorite passtime: prank phone call podcasts. There are surprisingly few of them.

Thu May 27 20:10:28 +0000 2010

Congratulations to my lovely wife, @hillarywasson, who was given her dream-job today! Health insurance and the DINK lifestyle, here we come!

Thu May 27 23:03:03 +0000 2010

Ripping more of my old CDs to my computer to rid myself of the clutter the physical disks create. In the meantime, walking down memory lane.

Sun May 30 18:16:08 +0000 2010

We're doing a 6-week backpacking tour of Europe starting Wednesday. To follow the fun, bookmark this site:

Mon May 31 01:14:19 +0000 2010

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