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Brilliant. Website Buys Customers New Computers To Avoid Dealing With IE7

Mon Feb 03 14:43:47 +0000 2014

Back to my Loveline kick while I work. Nothin' better than old school @adamcarolla and

Mon Feb 03 16:21:11 +0000 2014

I finally have an excuse to master Drupal Panels. And man, they're powerful. Should have figured them out years ago.

Mon Feb 03 21:31:22 +0000 2014

@PeoriaAttorney I'm sure you this information will be brand new and totally useful for you.

Tue Feb 04 02:08:17 +0000 2014

RT @Freakwolf: Anyone have a podcast or website that would want to chat with me about @WOD_Film? Hit me up. And LIKE

Tue Feb 04 02:14:24 +0000 2014

@sheavanlan Tweet you son of a bitch.

Tue Feb 04 02:29:59 +0000 2014

Replying to @sheavanlan

Ok stop tweeting.

Tue Feb 04 02:56:15 +0000 2014

Replying to @TheMarkLong

Are you wearing dark-rimmed glasses, ya hipster?

Tue Feb 04 02:59:10 +0000 2014

Replying to @sheavanlan

Fair enough.

Tue Feb 04 02:59:41 +0000 2014

Hey @sheavanlan and @PeoriaAttorney, tickets for EWE at @RIBCO are purchased.

Tue Feb 04 15:30:28 +0000 2014

Replying to @sheavanlan and @PeoriaAttorney

You better. Jon, your ticket is $20. Shea, yours is $50.

Tue Feb 04 15:49:38 +0000 2014

Replying to @sheavanlan and @PeoriaAttorney

Actually I was kidding but it dawned on me that it's Jon's birthday. So Jon, $0. Shea, you and me will be $35.

Tue Feb 04 15:50:20 +0000 2014

Replying to @PeoriaAttorney, @sheavanlan and @RIBCO

Why ewe gotta pick on my typos?

Tue Feb 04 15:56:56 +0000 2014

RT @superpixels: “@Arumi_kai: This sums up the #creationdebate pretty well.” Nailed it. Good luck arguing that.

Wed Feb 05 03:16:21 +0000 2014

I get an astonishing amount of email from LinkedIn. And no matter what, I can never make my little red envelope thingie not red.

Thu Feb 06 14:41:12 +0000 2014

I can't stop laughing.

Thu Feb 06 15:57:17 +0000 2014

There's a few tidbits about Peoria in here I didn't know.

Fri Feb 07 14:50:38 +0000 2014

Been a crazy week, but I am more of a #drupal expert today than I was on Monday.

Fri Feb 07 19:50:47 +0000 2014

Note to self: When my internet in my office gets unbearably bad, open the garage door. Then it's just bearably bad.

Mon Feb 10 17:09:01 +0000 2014

RT @thewhiskeycity: Hungry? The FIRST Greater Peoria Regional Food Summit will take place on Saturday, Feb 22nd & you should go! Eat up: ht…

Mon Feb 10 20:02:43 +0000 2014

Replying to @MisterRandon and @thewhiskeycity

Thanks! It was a Christmas gift from @sheavanlan.

Tue Feb 11 02:00:46 +0000 2014

I have a couple things on eBay, and I am in the mode where I just keep reloading to see how much money I'm about to make. Reload. Reload.

Tue Feb 11 15:09:02 +0000 2014

Just a silly drawing I made while bored.

Wed Feb 12 16:00:47 +0000 2014

RT @radjose: Fans of #ska on #vinyl hit up and use the code "MOVING" on check out to save 10% offer good until 2/22!

Wed Feb 12 20:20:25 +0000 2014

RT @digitalocean: For #ValentinesDay we just want to say:

1. We LOVE our community.
2. Enjoy the surprise. http:/…

Fri Feb 14 19:50:26 +0000 2014

One of the best parts of my new job: education discounts.

Fri Feb 14 19:53:15 +0000 2014

In a few short months everyone will be complaining about how hot it is. Try to enjoy the snow while it's here.

Tue Feb 18 15:25:20 +0000 2014

Replying to @superpixels and @namecheap

But better than @GoDaddy right?

Tue Feb 18 16:23:49 +0000 2014

RT @thewhiskeycity: A Peoria landmark & @3030coffee go well together in our latest post:

Tue Feb 18 19:12:28 +0000 2014

This just saved me about 2 hours work manually building LESS from CSS.

Wed Feb 19 16:56:11 +0000 2014

Hey, I heard a bird chirping! That means spring is coming, right? Right?!

Wed Feb 19 17:54:47 +0000 2014

Replying to @graphical_force

High res, high compression. Keeps the file size low but the resolution looks great on high-res devices.

Wed Feb 19 19:10:09 +0000 2014

Replying to @graphical_force

For vector art, icon fonts and SVGs. Screw the older browsers. It's a modern world, son.

Wed Feb 19 19:10:30 +0000 2014

Replying to @TechDaddyK

How's it compare to DropBox and Google Drive?

Wed Feb 19 19:22:02 +0000 2014

Replying to @TechDaddyK

Where and how do I do it?

Wed Feb 19 19:25:14 +0000 2014

Replying to @TechDaddyK

Thanks brother! Got my 100GB!

Wed Feb 19 19:29:20 +0000 2014

I'm old but trying desperately to stay tech-savvy. Should I bother trying WhatsApp?

Thu Feb 20 14:45:20 +0000 2014

RT @digitalocean: Awesome to be mentioned in the 1st of 12 posts on @ubuntu as the choice for clouds, by @sabdfl - Mark Shuttleworth: http:…

Thu Feb 20 14:45:32 +0000 2014

My next big purchase will be a standing desk. This one has a built-in whiteboard! Sweet.

Thu Feb 20 14:49:37 +0000 2014

I really enjoyed this article/video on Firefox's dev tools. Nice to see Chrome alternatives. Thanks @nettuts.

Thu Feb 20 15:10:49 +0000 2014

@UpDesk Thanks for the favorite. What's a guy gotta do to get a coupon on that sweet whiteboard desk?

Thu Feb 20 17:16:55 +0000 2014

Replying to @UpDesk

When the wife okays the purchase, I'm in for one. I'll use the $50 on some white board markers.

Thu Feb 20 17:19:58 +0000 2014

Replying to @UpDesk

You've thought of everything!

Thu Feb 20 17:22:41 +0000 2014

RT @digitalocean: In this tutorial we show you how to work w/ RubyGems, the Ruby Package Manager: cc: @rubygems http…

Thu Feb 20 17:23:13 +0000 2014

Replying to @radjose

That's my understanding, that it's basically a texting app. But I've got so many other messaging apps I don't see the point.

Thu Feb 20 17:27:53 +0000 2014

Man, I regret my decision to move to Android every single day. I hate this phone more all the time.

Fri Feb 21 01:23:04 +0000 2014

@PeoriaAttorney Did you see this?

Fri Feb 21 15:19:12 +0000 2014

Replying to @PeoriaAttorney

I got a new 5S so I'm back with Apple. Sucka no more.

Fri Feb 21 18:58:44 +0000 2014

I'm back to my iPhone. Bye bye Android. I'm glad I gave it a shot, but I'm happier to be back where I belong.

Fri Feb 21 23:06:53 +0000 2014

William Elliot Whitemore at @RIBCO was awesome. Thanks to @sheavanlan and @PeoriaAttorney. 11 hours of sleep last night, almost recovered.

Mon Feb 24 17:31:48 +0000 2014

C'mon Spring. C'mon Spring.

Tue Feb 25 15:08:52 +0000 2014

@PeoriaAttorney Should I give a shit about this?

Tue Feb 25 15:26:24 +0000 2014

Replying to @radjose

Just be thankful you actually got to move, kid!

Tue Feb 25 18:29:07 +0000 2014

Replying to @PeoriaAttorney

aw shit, kinda sorta not really a little. Mostly dicking around. Posted the link from the wrong acct obviously.

Wed Feb 26 03:10:49 +0000 2014

@Namecheap, I'm cheap and transferring over 15 domains. Got a coupon code I can use?

Wed Feb 26 18:33:57 +0000 2014

Replying to @PeoriaAttorney

Your tweets are protected so no one is seeing them.

Thu Feb 27 16:09:09 +0000 2014

Learning Angular today. I'm torn because it makes dev easy, but clutters the DOM. Any thoughts from other #WebDevs out there?

Thu Feb 27 16:11:26 +0000 2014

Replying to @PeoriaAttorney

you should buy one then give me a review. I'm interested but also wanna see what Apple does with a watch. Seems imminent.

Thu Feb 27 17:20:55 +0000 2014

Replying to @thewhiskeycity

Speaking of whiskey, @PeoriaAttorney and I are thinking of doing a bourbon/whiskey podcast. Any interest in contrib/promo?

Thu Feb 27 17:40:54 +0000 2014

Replying to @stevenmarx

it shouldn't have to happen at all with RWD, but it's unavoidable with Angular. It is impressive what you can do with no JS tho.

Thu Feb 27 19:40:58 +0000 2014

I got hit with this bizarre bug when I updated to 10.9.2. What a pain.

Fri Feb 28 16:00:59 +0000 2014

RT @graphical_force: 10 HTML5 APIs Worth Looking Into via @sitepointdotcom

Fri Feb 28 16:47:22 +0000 2014

It looks like lots of people are having the external monitor issue since 'upgrading' to OS X 10.9.2. Damn it.

Fri Feb 28 20:46:53 +0000 2014

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