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RT @radjose: The radio special I did for @ThirdWaveSka last week in honor of MU330 & @DanPotthast is now available for download: http://t.c…

Tue Apr 07 14:52:27 +0000 2015

Replying to @graphical_force

Buy a Mac.

Tue Apr 07 14:52:44 +0000 2015

I'm trying not to drink soda today. Wish me luck.

Tue Apr 07 14:54:02 +0000 2015

Replying to @graphical_force

You're in the wrong department! I had one!

Tue Apr 07 15:41:04 +0000 2015

Replying to @graphical_force

I'm down.

Tue Apr 07 15:41:17 +0000 2015

Replying to @graphical_force

I have to watch the kiddo starting at 8, but I could have a beer or two and get home before then.

Tue Apr 07 15:47:57 +0000 2015

@film_girl For some reason, this strikes me as something you'd be into.

Tue Apr 07 15:50:04 +0000 2015

Replying to @graphical_force

Unless the wife vetos the plan, I'll see ya then!

Tue Apr 07 15:51:14 +0000 2015

Replying to @PeoriaAttorney, @ItsKatieKendall and @UPROXX

Don't worry, I have alarms set.

Wed Apr 08 15:48:13 +0000 2015

Replying to @PeoriaAttorney

Yeah I read that... It's not gonna be perfect but that ain't gonna stop me from giving Apple money.

Wed Apr 08 17:14:45 +0000 2015

I got my Apple Watch preordered, several hours after it was available. Shipping in June. Bummer.

Fri Apr 10 14:13:35 +0000 2015

Replying to @film_girl

Please tell me I made the right decision by preordering without seeing one.

Fri Apr 10 14:30:00 +0000 2015

Replying to @graphical_force

Still on for 5:00? Kouri's?

Fri Apr 10 14:31:39 +0000 2015

Replying to @climbrandon

I think I might. What do you need them for?

Sat Apr 11 11:37:00 +0000 2015

RT @radjose: New 23min of #ska ep w/ tunes from @StrayBulletsBOS @THEDELIRIANS @MayWeatherMD @tajmoteltrio @SurvaySays & more!…

Thu Apr 16 17:01:24 +0000 2015

I've never been into Star Wars, but I'll be damned if the new trailer doesn't make me want to binge watch all of them.

Thu Apr 16 19:12:50 +0000 2015

Replying to @stevenmarx

Haha, noted.

Thu Apr 16 20:07:12 +0000 2015

Replying to @graphical_force

Sorry man, wife has dinner plans which means I have baby detail.

Fri Apr 17 15:23:30 +0000 2015

Replying to @graphical_force

Your beer glass is half full. Eternal optimist.

Fri Apr 17 15:27:16 +0000 2015

Hey @thestanddesk, I was an early adopter to your Kickstarter. Love it! I'd love a new set of up/down buttons for a hack idea. Possible?

Fri Apr 17 20:40:51 +0000 2015

Replying to @stevenmarx and @TheStandDesk

I love it! I stand about 1/2 the day now. I think I'm more productive when I do.

Fri Apr 17 21:50:01 +0000 2015

Replying to @tommckearney, @TheStandDesk and @stevenmarx

It's not whisper quiet or anything but I wouldn't say it squeaks at all.

Mon Apr 20 16:26:23 +0000 2015

Replying to @TheStandDesk, @jasonlcarvalho and @pmarca

I hear you guys are the ones to talk to for a spare set of the up/down buttons for a project I have?

Mon Apr 20 16:27:00 +0000 2015

Replying to @tommckearney, @TheStandDesk and @stevenmarx

Maybe there's a mouse stuck in there.

Mon Apr 20 18:29:37 +0000 2015

Replying to @PeoriaAttorney

You gotta work less. How much did you win and what're you gonna buy Daisy?

Mon Apr 20 18:30:06 +0000 2015

Replying to @JkHmn, @KLShack, @MisterRandon, @thewhiskeycity and @danohart

Likely very unhelpful, but the site is up for me.

Mon Apr 20 18:34:19 +0000 2015

Converting a flat-file XML storage system today to a conventional mySQL database. Fun stuff.

Wed Apr 22 15:08:05 +0000 2015

Replying to @danohart

It is incredibly dull. But necessary.

Wed Apr 22 15:10:18 +0000 2015

Replying to @PeoriaAttorney

At least I get to watch The League while I do it.

Wed Apr 22 16:58:25 +0000 2015

RT @radjose: Here's that radio show I did about the awesomeness of @buck09 Check it out and rock out!

Wed Apr 22 16:58:34 +0000 2015

Replying to @PeoriaAttorney

Fuck off

Wed Apr 22 17:33:41 +0000 2015

Replying to @PeoriaAttorney, @WoodfordReserve and @ohfrayfrayfray


Wed Apr 22 23:35:12 +0000 2015

RT @radjose: 23min of #Ska #Podcast w/ @theduppies @TheShiftersDc @MrTbonemusic @Abraskadabra @DealsGoneBad @TheBandulus & more…

Thu Apr 23 17:15:11 +0000 2015

RT @Freakwolf: Thanks to Phillip​ for his support!He'll be getting monthly posters sent to his awesome like Phillip!…

Thu Apr 23 17:15:17 +0000 2015

@PeoriaAttorney I just bought a new weird domain and got a trademark notice. Am I gonna be sued?

Fri Apr 24 17:00:48 +0000 2015

Replying to @PeoriaAttorney


Fri Apr 24 17:03:07 +0000 2015

Replying to @PeoriaAttorney

god damn it.

Fri Apr 24 17:04:08 +0000 2015

Just like most others, my Apple Watch shipping estimate improved to late May/early June. C'mon baby.

Mon Apr 27 15:31:21 +0000 2015

Extremely amateur but still cool. #moon

Tue Apr 28 00:47:42 +0000 2015

A "Have a Great Day" mix on Spotify kinda day today. Let's do this thing.

Tue Apr 28 12:45:07 +0000 2015

I haven't posted a kid pic for a while. So here's our little ballerina before our trip to the zoo.

Tue Apr 28 13:33:28 +0000 2015

Quote from a guy I used to work with: "You switch jobs more than I switch JS frameworks." True, and nerdy.

Tue Apr 28 14:41:23 +0000 2015

BTW, my XML-> mySQL conversion sped up the posting process from ~5 minutes (and growing) to ~2 seconds (and stable). Not too shabby.

Tue Apr 28 14:42:20 +0000 2015

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